I’m Not Sure Which Program Is Best For My Dog. What Do I Do?

When you complete a contact form from our website, we can review the information provided and make a time to discuss your specific concerns by phone. We will then recommend a program based on this information and confirm this with an on-site consultation.

How Do I Sign Up For A Board & Train?

After completing a contact form and based on mutual availability, we will provide dates of availability to train your dog. If agreeable, we reserve your spot after receiving a full payment for this program. Since we must dedicate ourselves fully to each dog at our facility, we count on this schedule unfolding as we plan it together. Rescheduling a board & train without penalty is allowed up to one week prior to the scheduled drop-off and the new dates will depend on availability for this particular program at Lucky Jack Dog Training.

How Does My Dog Get To The Lucky Jacky Dog Training Facility?

We prefer your dog be dropped off at the Lucky Jack facility at a pre-scheduled time. This way, we can review the program with you to convey what your dog will learn and how you will participate (throughout the program and beyond) to maintain this progress at home.

What Is It Like For My Dog When He Is In A Board & Train Program?

Depending on the level of issues at home and the dog’s personal coping skills, the first few days might be used to help the dog acclimate to his new environment with very simple activities like potty breaks and feeding time with minimal other stressors to help him feel more at ease. After he’s feeling more comfortable, we begin more specific training to address the behavioral issues directly and indirectly through structured activities. We start small and then increase the challenges as your dog becomes more and more adept. In the end, we have dogs who listen to commands and execute them reliably even in the face of distractions and even i the midst of other environmental activity that used to be triggers for bad reactions. When not working, excising, or taking a potty break, your dog is crated in a temperature-controlled environment with an individual water pail inside his crate.

How Do I Participate In This Training Program To Help Ensure Success For My Dog?

We absolutely need and require owners to participate in the program. Although we will be training your dog away from his home and you won’t have to teach the dog all the commands, you will have to practice these commands and activities with hime while he’s  here at our facility and quite a bit when he returns home.

What Sort Of Follow-Up And Owner Education Do You Provide?

As mentioned above, we absolutely cannot have great success without owner commitment. As such, we provide materials for review during our program and we integrate the owners during and after the program in the following ways:

TRANSFER SESSION 1: at our place. We like having owners come to our facility at least once toward the end of the board & train to show them what their dog has learned and have them practice running through commands and being more of a believable leader for their faithful friend. This way, we can provide feedback and the owners can start to rebuild their relationship in the same place where their dog learned all his new skills. Additional transfer sessions at the facility may be warranted depending on the length of the program. 

TRANSFER SESSION 2: at your place upon return of your dog. We then bring your dog back to your home and provide a second transfer session there. Keep in mind, your home is the place where your dog was acting nutty in the past, so its common for some of those patterns to emerge when he returns for the first time. We will walk you through this until your dog’s new skills feel like an old hat. 

TRANSFER SESSION 3: at our place. After a couple weeks of being integrated back in the home, we provide a third transfer session to help troubleshoot any challenges the owners have faced after the return session. We help brainstorm solutions to any issues to ensure your dog’s new skills will remain consistent. After this, we are always available via email and social media; we also have tons of free events and would welcome you for a refresher anytime.