Our Customized Private Training Program is comprised of 6 60 - 90 minute training sessions at our training camp. We work together to develop a comprehensive plan to address all your concerns with obedience or other unwanted behaviors.

We can work on the walk to help both human and dog feel more comfortable – and we can get rid of such nastiness as:

NO MORE excessive barking
• NO MORE lunging
• NO MORE pulling on the walk
• NO MORE counter surfing
• NO MORE running out the door
• NO MORE resource guarding
• NO MORE growling at people

All while teaching important stuff like:
• relaxed heel
• place
• sit/stay
• recall on command
• down
• crate training
• impulse control

                              6 60 - 90 Minute Private Training Sessions

During our FREE consultation, we will determine what program works best for you and your dog.

These packages are for dogs with moderate to severe behavioral issues such as leash aggression, dog and human reactivity, resource guarding, dog aggression and human aggression.

Prior to enrollment in this program, we will assess your dog and develop a plan to address all the behavioral issues that will allow us to achieve your training goals together. In addition to any specific behavior modification goals, your dog will:
• STOP pulling on walks
• STOP separation anxiety
• STOP counter surfing
• STOP leash biting
• STOP excessive barking
• STOP jumping on people
• STOP running out the door

In our experience, dogs might know how to execute commands really well, but still exhibit poor behavior. For this reason, we focus more on your dog’s state of mind rather than just teaching him to follow commands. This approach encourages your dog to relax and absorb more of the training, it also results in your dog’s ability to follow commands in the presence of other distractions. Without his anxious state of mind and equipped with guidance to understand what is expected, your dog knows how to behave and both of you are more relaxed to enjoy everyday adventures.

As with all board and train programs, your dog will learn to:

• Walk politely by your side
• Sit/Stay/PlaceWait for food
• Recall/ComeEnter and exit the crate without drama
• Relax when needed (outdoor restaurants, within the household, etc.)
• Wait at thresholds

Additionally, with our behavioral modification training, your dog will:

• STOP Growling and barking
• STOP Explosive reactions on the leash
• STOP Threatening people and dogs
• STOP Fearful reactions and cowering
• STOP Resource guarding
• STOP Attacking people and dogs
• STOP Destructive and self-harming behaviors when left alone


With energy work, psychological approaches, concrete instruction, real-time feedback, and practice, practice, practice, you WILL have more confidence in your dog AND your dog WILL have more confidence in you. So, the two of you will enjoy each other’s company during everyday activities without worries about the past. It takes hard work on everyone’s part, but we will lead you through the process and help you feel confident in one step before introducing new material. In fact, since we spend the days training your dog, he will know the commands and behaviors well, so we can spend our transfer sessions gently guiding you to maintain these new standards and become his confident leader.

This is a Monday - Friday program. All dogs will be home for the weekend.
All Board & Trains come with a 2 Day-2 hour go-home session and a follow up session 1 week later.

  • 1 Week ReBoot (Puppy Training) Board & Train

  • 2 Week Basic Obedience Board & Train

  • 3 Week Behavior Modification Board & Train

  • 4 Week Advanced Obedience Board & Train.

  • 6 Week Aggression Rehabilitation Board & Train.

During our FREE consultation, we shall determine what program works best for you and your dog.

Ecollar Training

Included in all programs

This program is for the owner who wants their dog to come back when called 100% of the time, no matter what distractions are present. In these sessions, we will introduce you and your dog to remote collar training, done at very low levels to create communication channels with your dog. The result is your dog coming back to you every time you call him, no matter where you are or what is going on around you.

With this freedom, you might decide to hike with your dog, visit beaches, dog parks, outdoor cafes, or just enjoy the ability to communicate and manage behavior while indoors or outdoors. Teaching your dog to respond to low levels of stimulation allows the owner to give the dog information in a way that is akin to a tap on the shoulder. Our dogs love it when we take their ecollars out of the box because they know that we are going out to do some work together.

This program is included will all our training programs. (Does not include Ecollar).